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Come and sense the history

We take pride in everything we serve

Our story stems from Kirsten Piil’s spring

Almas Terrasse goes back many generations. Bo Thomas, current owner and true beer enthusiast, is the 5th generation to offer quality products and create a wonderful atmosphere all year round.

Bo Thomas’ great-grandmother was named Alma. She was a dancer at Bakken and affiliated with Danse-Pedersen’s (Dance Pedersen’s) establishment, the dance restaurant called “Danmark”. Alma came from an orphanage, and Danse-Pedersen (Dance Pedersen) took care of her. Alma spread joy everywhere she went. Alma means soul, and if there’s one thing we have here at Almas Terrasse, it’s soul…

Bo Thomas took over Almas Terrasse from his father (called Muddi) in 2009, and has worked ever since to create an atmospheric oasis with a focus on quality beer, quality ice cream and selected speciality products, all of which have a history.

We are proud of what we sell

Bo Thomas’ motto is that you must be proud of what you sell – or you shouldn’t bother. This motto forms the basis of the business strategy, and is reflected in all the products you find on both shelves and in refrigerated counters.

Everything is carefully selected, all suppliers have a history, organic is a priority and, in general, an active decision has been made about all products. We take pride in constantly finding new and exciting products for our guests.

When you pay a visit to Almas Terrasse, you will be introduced to taste experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Almas Terrasse

is Bakken’s oasis. We hope our own love for the place will be contagious. We try our best by purchasing and producing products that we are excited about ourselves. We love diversity, and want to challenge everybody’s taste buds.

We offer craft beer and various other draught beers, the best ice cream, quality coffee and many, many other wonderful delicacies.

Opening hours

From the 1st of May 2023, we’re open alle week from 11 AM.

We have beer on all our taps during the peak season

And offer varying delicacies to go with it

A selection of our quality beers

Our speciality

Beer and ice cream are our specialities, and you can expect an experience beyond the ordinary when you order one of our 30 speciality draught beers. We often serve a story with your beer, so you know a little more about what you are drinking.

Similarly, our ice cream has been carefully selected. We always have exciting flavours to offer, and we are pretty sure that one of them will be your new favourite. All our ice cream is made by the uniquely skilled Italian Giovanni L. It looks like art and tastes heavenly.

An oasis full of quality

We make every effort every single day to provide a special experience when you visit us.

Whether in summer or winter, whether for beer, ice cream or tapas, we do our best to challenge your taste buds, tell you stories about the products and create an oasis for you where quality is allowed to take centre stage.

May specials

Periode 01.05.21 – 31.05.21

This month our good friends at Pure Shots have introduced us to their new Pure Apple shot.

It’s a shot of apple and vanilla at 16.4% ABV, and we’ve made it “our own” by adding a squirt of real whipped cream, which we garnish with a little cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles – and voilà! The trademark apple pie shot that has already become a huge hit – you’re welcome!

Price during the period

DKK 30


Season dishes

Summer 2021

In the peak season, we offer various delicacies – if you need to satisfy your hunger, let us guide you.

Our offerings depend on the season and our own inclinations…

If you want to be absolutely sure of leaving with a full stomach, it’s best to give us a call in advance.

Prices from:

DKK 79