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Enjoy Nordic tapas with delicious beer at Bakken

Quality in your glass and on your plate – delicious Nordic tapas with the most delicious quality beer

Enjoy Nordic tapas at Bakken and taste our beers at the same time

For us, a beer is not just a beer. Every single beer we have on tap has been carefully selected. For us, food isn’t just food either. What we serve you matters to us. That is why we have found the best tapas, perfect for a beer tasting with us.

Beer tasting with us gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of beer. We always have many different beers on tap, and can guide you in a direction that suits you and your taste buds. However, we are also interested in nudging you to a place where you had no idea you’d love to be. You’ll discover new beers and challenge your taste buds so that in future, a beer won’t just be a beer for you either.

The same goes for our Nordic version of tapas. When you order a beer tasting, we offer a small selection of Nordic charcuterie that complements the beer perfectly.

We pass on our knowledge of quality beer and consider it our most important task to challenge your taste buds with the best of the best…

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Almas Terrasse

is Bakken’s oasis. We hope our own love for the place will be contagious. We try our best by purchasing and producing products that we are excited about ourselves. We love diversity, and want to challenge everybody’s taste buds.

We offer craft beer and various other draught beers, the best ice cream, quality coffee and many, many other wonderful delicacies.

Opening hours

From the 1st of May 2023, we’re open alle week from 11 AM.

Beer tasting and nordic tapas

You are always welcome to come and taste our fantastic range of beers, but if you need a “true” beer tasting experience, please call or write to us.

We have beer on all our taps during the peak season

And offer varying delicacies to go with it

A selection of our quality beers

We offer different types of beer tastings!

If you want to book a beer tasting event, just call or write to us. Based on your preferences, we will find just the right thing. You should decide how many beers to taste, whether you want Nordic tapas, whether you want a special host, and we can even offer live music, stand-up comedy or whatever works for you. We will of course be available with good advice and will find a price that fits your budget.

Have we tempted you to try a spot of Nordic tapas at Almas Terrasse, accompanied by delicious quality beer? Then contact us so that we can put the right event together!

May specials

Periode 01.05.21 – 31.05.21

This month our good friends at Pure Shots have introduced us to their new Pure Apple shot.

It’s a shot of apple and vanilla at 16.4% ABV, and we’ve made it “our own” by adding a squirt of real whipped cream, which we garnish with a little cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles – and voilà! The trademark apple pie shot that has already become a huge hit – you’re welcome!

Price during the period

DKK 30