Do you also have a hidden talent?

Get up on our stage and share your creativity with us and the audience

Our stage is for everyone

Surrounded by activity and happiness and Dyrehavsbakken’s beautiful scenery, we have a lovely outdoor stage here at Almas Terrasse. We would love to invite you to use that stage. The stage is for anyone who wants to share their talents and who dreams of pushing themselves, whether you want to sing a song, read a poem, do some stand-up, show a magic trick or something else entirely.

Your imagination is the only limit in terms of what you can perform on our stage. The most important thing is that you make an effort and want an audience.

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Almas Terrasse

is Bakken’s oasis. We hope our own love for the place will be contagious. We try our best by purchasing and producing products that we are excited about ourselves. We love diversity, and want to challenge everybody’s taste buds.

We offer craft beer and various other draught beers, the best ice cream, quality coffee and many, many other wonderful delicacies.

Opening hours

From the 1st of May 2023, we’re open alle week from 11 AM.

A selection of our quality beers

Creative space

We want to encourage creativity, so we developed the “Open Stage” concept, where creative and inspiring people can come and show their talent. We may have a tendency to keep our talents a secret and hide our light under a bushel. But why should we?

Here at Almas Terrasse, we believe that we can create an intimate and safe space where you can push yourself and enrich our other guests’ experience with your particular talent.

Have you written a poem you would like to perform so you can see other people’s reactions, or do you mostly play and sing to yourself, but want to try it in front of an audience? Are you working on some great jokes, but wonder whether you’ll be the only one who laughs at them?

The stage is yours

Now you have an opportunity to try it out. Perhaps today is the day to jump in at the deep end? Our stage is available to you every day of the week. As an added bonus, you can enjoy a quality beer both before and after your stage performance.

Contact us, and we will schedule a day and time. We take care of the audience, support and applause.

May specials

Periode 01.05.21 – 31.05.21

This month our good friends at Pure Shots have introduced us to their new Pure Apple shot.

It’s a shot of apple and vanilla at 16.4% ABV, and we’ve made it “our own” by adding a squirt of real whipped cream, which we garnish with a little cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles – and voilà! The trademark apple pie shot that has already become a huge hit – you’re welcome!

Price during the period

DKK 30


We have beer on all our taps during the peak season

And offer varying delicacies to go with it