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Our selection of food varies with our mood and seasonal tones…


Henrik is in charge of the cooking. In the 1970s, he worked at Denmark’s only luxury hotel, Hotel Europa, located near Langebro in Copenhagen.

He was trained and inspired by elite chefs from France. However, he dropped out when he had the opportunity to play with some of the world’s top musicians who had come to Denmark from New York.

At Almas Terrasse, Henrik is in charge of the food. Inspired by his many journeys into the great wide world, he takes pride in giving you experiences that reflect his impressions of the diverse and inspiring world we live in.

He insists on not having an actual menu, as he refuses to be restricted. This is great for those who prefer to challenge their taste buds, but not for those who would like a repeat of their last experience at Almas Terrasse…

There’s always an exception to the rule…

Even though we do not have a fixed menu, we have – based on countless requests – opted for a single repeat act, which you will often be offered. Beer-marinated porchetta cured in a brine of beer, garlic and various fresh herbs for two days.

If you want the porchetta as a main course, we serve it with Hasselback potatoes and a rustic coleslaw with a dressing made from homemade mayonnaise and Greek yoghurt.

Price: DKK 145

You can also have the porchetta served as a sandwich.

Price: DKK 85

Almas Terrasse

is Bakken’s oasis. We hope our own love for the place will be contagious. We try our best by purchasing and producing products that we are excited about ourselves. We love diversity, and want to challenge everybody’s taste buds.

We offer craft beer and various other draught beers, the best ice cream, quality coffee and many, many other wonderful delicacies.

Opening hours

From the 1st of May 2023, we’re open alle week from 11 AM.

We have beer on all our taps during the peak season

And offer varying delicacies to go with it

Beer tasting with nordic tapas

You are always welcome to come and taste our beer, but if you need a “true” beer tasting experience, just give us a call or write to us so we can make arrangements together…

Beer snacks

Homemade salted almonds

From DKK 10

Ask our bartender about other beer snacks.


We have a wide selection of various spirits, but we change our offering depending on mood, season and trends. We use 4 cl as a standard measure, and our cheapest spirits are our shots, which cost DKK 30. At the moment, Ardbeg Whiskey (54.2% ABV) is our most expensive, priced at DKK 95.







Bornholmer Schnapps

All Schnapps

DKK 50


Sea buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber


Raspberry, Ginger & Pomegranate


Blueberry & Lemon


Chili & Honey

Other beverages

Organic soft drinks from Galvanina in Italy

Coffee – several varieties

Hot chocolat with wipped cream

Juice from Kloster Moster

Contact us for more information about our selection of quality products. We are always ready to talk about where the products come from and why we have chosen them for you.

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